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Full Size Sex DollYou may have a double take when you check out the Ange Bihaku sex doll for the first time. Like all the Orient Industry love dolls, Ange is as close to realistic as they come. This complete body love doll isn’t just a fuck toy – some see these as companion pieces. Whether you’re looking for a realistic Japanese sex doll or someone to keep you company in bed at night, Ange Bihaku is an investment piece that will keep you satisfied.

Kanojo Toys knows that when it comes to love dolls, sometimes the smallest features are what counts. For guys who are looking for soft pale skin, angelic face, and full breasts on their adult sex dolls, Ange is the sex doll to check all those boxes. The amount of customization on this Japanese sex doll is unreal – three different head styles, two different breast sizes, various hair styles and even the texture of her fake pussy are all choices you can make with your love doll. There are also optional extras that you can get in addition to the standard model doll, including movable eyes and fingers. In addition, you’ll also get a few extras with your Ange Bihaku love doll – bra and panties, an anniversary ring, and a fingernail kit so she can have the perfect manicure.

White Skin Japanese silicone sex doll

You also have two options when it comes to body structure. The “grip” model of sex doll is better for those who wish to position Ange and have her stay in place – great for photographers as well as those who wish for their love doll to do non-sexual things as sit with them at the table for dinner, or go for a drive in the car. The “free” style gives Ange more flexibility and is better for laying down and placing in any sexual position you want this Japanese sex doll to be in.

Don’t be put off by the fact that the Ange Bihaku sex doll is sold all the way in Japan. Kanojo Toys ships worldwide, as they know that there’s an appreciation for Japanese sex dolls all over the world. Her soft pale silicone skin and realistic pussy have been enjoyed by men (and some women) from all over the globe.
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Fake Pussy Fake Tits Sex DollHaving trouble deciding between fake pussy and a fake ass for your next realistic sex doll purchase? Get the best of both worlds with the Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator from Pipedreams Extreme.

The 36DD fake boobs on the Fuck Me Silly sex doll are the perfect size and shape for a great tit fuck. You can choose to straddle her hips, or take her from the top and blow your load all over her belly. The fake tits are soft enough that you can move them to just the right position , but hard enough so that you can really feel it when fucking her boobs.

When you’ve had enough of fucking the Fuck Me Silly 2’s fake tits, you can always move onto the super tight pussy. The 12lbs of Fanta Flesh that this realistic sex doll is made from has enough weight behind it so that you can give her a good hard fucking and not send her flying across the room. Maybe you’d rather be fucking your Fanta Flesh slut in ass? The Fuck Me Silly 2 also has a virgin tight asshole that’s ready for you to drop your load.

Cleaning up the Fuck Me Silly 2 is as simple as giving her a bath in warm soapy water, and leaving her to try. Be sure to get a towel in and dry up all her nooks and crannies before giving her another round. You can also use the Fanta Flesh Care Kit to get the longest life of out of your realistic sex doll. The Fuck Me Silly 2 also comes with a free DVD and a free tube of lube, so you can use the sex doll right out of the box!

But of course we know that it’s always best to see these realistic sex dolls in action. How about a video showing the Fuck Me Silly 2 getting used and abused? Check out the sex doll porn clip below!

Don’t forget – use the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS at and get 10% off your order – no matter how much or how little you are spending, you can always save on realistic sex dolls, fake pussy, fake ass, and fake tits at the Flesh Fucking shop!

Sex Doll Threesome From RealDollSex

realdoll sex pornThere are times when a porn comes along that checks all the right boxes. For those looking for sex doll porn, is the holy grail. This is real porn with real dolls and real cocks – and every once and a while, a human female thrown into the mix as well.

In this encounter, we get a real doll threesome between sex doll Tasia Teya Simpone, her lover Steve Awesome, and little hottie Jenna Suvari in a full fledged threesome in this cyber simulation world. What starts off as a private strip show between Jenna and Tasia turns into Steve coming along to get exactly what he wants from his love doll. Jenna begs to be fucked while Steve keeps his attention in the body that really turns him on – his sex doll Tasia. All Jenna is allowed to do is suck his cock every so often, and jealously watches as Steve Awesome fucks his realistic sex doll.

Realdoll Porn

But Jenna waits patiently and eventually gets her turn at the cock while Tasia Teya Simpone Doll watches on. Jenna’s cute teen pierced nipples don’t quite get the love that Tasia got, but we love the way that Jenna enjoys every bit of cock that she’s allowed to have. Watch this free clip of their Tron themed sex doll threesome to get the full feel of this fuck session in action!

Real Doll Sex is on of the few places on the internet where you can catch guys fucking their sex dolls, girls fucking sex dolls, and in this case – the best of both worlds.

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