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Realdoll Sex FuckingReady for more Real Doll Sex action? This time Steve Awesome takes on a tiny little sex doll to use and abuse at his own pleasure. No nagging slut hanging over his shoulder telling him what to do! Soon enough he strips down this barely legal sex doll and straps on his camera so you can get a point of view porn like no other!

This Mini Sex doll is as tight as a virgin teen, according to Steve, and it doesn’t take long before he’s balls deep into her silicone vagina. She’s light enough to put where ever he wants, so when he grows tired of fucking this sex doll on the floor, he moves her body to a nearby coffee table.

We absolutely love the sex doll porn made by Steve Awesome over at, even when he’s brought in a real live woman to fuck alongside his sex dolls. This time, though, we were happy to see him go solo with one of his favorite petite sex dolls. He takes her in her virgin tight fake pussy first, before flipping her over and pushing his cock into her resisting asshole.

Finding good sex doll porn on the internet is a tough task these days, but thanks to Steve and his uninhibited lust for all things silicone, we get off on what we like!

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sex doll threesomeBarely legal April is almost as sweet and innocent as she looks. This teenage stripper has never set eyes on a Real Doll before, let alone watch one in action. That’s when Steve Awesome decided it was time for her to learn all about fucking sex dolls, as well as get his own flesh fucking technique critiqued!

This time Steve broke out his RealDoll, sat back, and watched April Booth give his fuck toy a full on lap dance. Teen stripper April shook her ass and ripped off her tight top within minutes, flashing her tiny teen tits all for the RealDoll. Once she got in the mood, April started taking advantage of her new plaything and started squeezing her fake tits and kissing those fake lips.

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Soon enough Steve Awesome stepped in and started fucking his RealDoll while he made April sit there and watch. You would have thought he’d have a go at her as well, but he just stuck to fucking a Real Doll while April witnessed all the action.

Whether you like watching guys fuck sex dolls on their own, or bring along a friend like April to watch them do it, has all the sex doll porn you’re searching for. Click on over and get an eye doll of sex doll fucking from the best site on the net!

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realistic sex dolls Real Doll alternativeWe’ve got another beautiful Asian sex doll from the great folks over at Kanojo Toys – the Erie Love Doll! If you like your sex dolls on the younger side, with pretty pink skin and a pair of tits that will fill your hands, this small Japanese sex doll will fit in perfectly in your home.

Standing at a petite 4.4ft tall, Erie is an ideal love doll who want their playthings small and youthful. Her body and face, though, aren’t juvenile by any means! With D-cup breasts and a five different head styles to choose from, Erie comes across as a young 20s sex doll.

The Erie love doll is also a lightweight doll for men who want to be able to handle their dolls without much strain. Weighing only 8.8lbs, Erie can comfortably sit on top of you while you look up into her eyes. This Orient Industry doll has sixteen movable joints and comes with an entire selection of accessories including panties, skin powder, lotion and a onahole pocket pussy to insert when the desire hits. You can also purchase a stand which will hold your Japanese love doll in place when not in use.

Probably the most attractive asset that Erie has that all the sex doll lovers enjoy is her skin. Her face as a translucent appearance that gives her the most lifelike glow. Her makeup is natural and not overdone. The latex skin on this fuck doll is so very soft, and she even had paint-able fingernails.

Don’t forget that Kanojo Toys ships all over the world, so there’s no need to wish from afar that Japanese sex dolls like Erie were in your own home!

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Japanese sex dolls from kanojotoys.comIntroducing a whole new line of body styles from – the Love Doll NP Body. If you like your sex dolls with a hint of makeup, natural skin tones, and gorgeously large breast, than this new model of sex doll is for you. The NP Body is also lighter than their standard love dolls, weighing in at less than 23 kilos.

As with all the Japanese love dolls at, you have several options to choose from when it comes to the style of your doll. The body type can be either ‘grip’ or ‘free’, depending on your desire to have the sex doll stand on her own or not. You can pick from fourteen various faces, from barely legal and youthful, to a more mature look. Some face styles like the Yuma and Hatsune come with open mouths, while other heads like the Millet and Monroe have closing eyes.

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You’ll also get a set of cleaning tools, lotion for her skin, as well as a hole and hole cover. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, and wait a little while longer for the delivery of your love doll, you can also add a few more realistic features to the package, including sun tanned skin, longer fingernails, pubic hair, movable eyes and even a maid costume.

Don’t forget that ship all over the world, do you don’t have to reside in Japan to take advantage of these lovelies. These realistic Japanese sex dolls do tend to be on the high end as far as price goes, but with that extra cost comes a quality that cannot be surpassed.

Love Doll NP Body Realistic silicone sex doll

real doll pornWhen Steve invited Voilet over to watch him fuck his new sex doll Tila, he didn’t know that this FemDomme would give him a lesson in fucking that he wouldn’t soon forget. While Steve is fucking the sex doll’s fake pussy, Violet is there telling him to go harder….faster…more! In’s Pale Red-Head Violet Monroe Hates Watching Steve Fuck His Doll, Violet isn’t satisfied until Steve is balls deep into Tila the sex doll, pumping her harder than you ever would a real woman.

Realdoll porn movies

Steve sets up his new favorite sex doll Tila on his couch, rips off her panties, brings up her dress, and gets himself ready for the kind of fucking you can only do with a life sized sex doll.

”Can’t you fuck her any better than this?” Violet wants Steve to fuck his sex doll in ways that she dreams of being pounded. Is she jealous of the sex doll? Maybe. All we do know is that Steve fucks his sex doll so hard that in the end he pulls out and shoots his load all over her fake tits.

Are you ready to watch some real doll porn? How about throwing a third party into the mix with a FemDomme like Voilet telling you what to do? Catch the videos and more at!

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