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Confession time. There’s one other thing that we totally mark out over when it comes to sex – and that’s Star Wars. Sure, we’re big fans of the movies, but get a girl dressed up like Princess Leia and we’re a big puddle of premature ejacualtion. But a sex doll dressed up as Darth Vader? Excuse me while I grab a pile of tissues!

In Definitely Not Star Wars! Featuring Darth Teya! the Real Doll Sex crew do what they do best – making sex doll porn for guys that love that sort of fantasy. Steve Awesome dresses up as a lackey Storm Trooper while silicone sex doll Teya Simone does her best Darth Vader impression. As the story goes, the Storm Trooper enters into Darth Teya’s chamber, only to find the fuck doll is asleep! Steve takes matters into his own hands and has his way with a sleeping sex doll. After cockslapping her face, grabs hold of her realistic tits before squeezing the hell out of them. When that foreplay is done, Storm Trooper Steve gets his sex doll on all fours, having her take it doggy style. As his cock moves in and out of that realistic pussy’s slit, Teya’s head piece pops open to reveal she’s more machine than man! This doesn’t stop Steve from fucking his Real Doll, boning her from every angle possible before dropping his load right on her tight stomach.

Into watching guys fuck sex dolls on camera? Real Doll Sex has boatloads of sex doll porn all at a very reasonable monthly membership fee. You can even download your favorite videos – including the Definitely Not Star Wars! Featuring Darth Teya! video to your own hard drive to watch over and over again. In addition to, you’ll also get access to a number of other porn sites in your monthly fee, including Gamer Chicks, Abbie Teen and Asian Solo Girls. We think we’ll stick with our favorite sex doll porn, if that’s alright with you!

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Ready for some more Real Doll Sex, but this time teenage style? Steve Awesome has a brand new sex doll – the barely legal Teya Simone. This little fuck toy didn’t know that sending dirty sexts out to her boyfriend would get her owner Steve so horny. After being discovered surfing, Steve showed Teya how it’s really done. He takes his barely legal teen sex doll and uses her fake pussy and fake mouth for his personal pleasure.

Real Doll Sex Teen Real-Doll-Sex-With-A-Teen-Doll Real-Doll-Sex-Fucking-Teen-Doll

This tiny schoolgirl sex doll is one of the most petite we’ve seen out there. Although, he massive fake tits more than make up for her small size. We do love how Steve has her all dressed up in a schoolgirl skirt and tight t-shirt top. Not quite as ‘sweet and innocent’ as the classic Catholic school girl, but just enough to get you going.

Unlike other sex doll porn movies at, this one has no live girls in it at all – it’s just Steve Awesome and his teen sex doll Teya Simone enjoying a little bit of alone time together. Her virgin tight silicone pussy gets all of his attention. Who doesn’t want to give a teen sex doll a ride?


Want to check out more sex doll porn? RealDollSex is the place to check out Steve banging not only barely legal Teya, but you can catch him with his other sex dolls in the act. Sometimes Steve fucks his sex dolls on his own, and other times he has real live ladies over to either critique his style, or join in on the action. Although, most of the time their hot and wet pussies get denied over the soft silicone of Steve’s sexy fuck dolls!

realdoll sex’s Steve Awesome Makes His Date Watch!

Realdoll sex porn movieWhen “Pretty Like Drugs” met up with sex doll fucker Steve Awesome at the club, she thought she’d be the one to turn him from having sex with dolls to the real live flesh fucking. All the way back to his place, Pretty thought that she would be the one getting the big D that night. Little did she know it was all part of Steve’s Real Doll Sex plan – to get her to watch while he had sex with his Tasia Teya Simone Doll.

Barely legal Pretty was made to stay there and watch the whole thing, even without getting any action for herself. Pretty strips down to her boots in the hopes that her 18 year old body will temp him away, but as the night rolls on she’s starting to clue into the fact she’s there for a show only. While Steve Awesome had sex with his love doll, Pretty held her down and was made to watch it all play out. She wanted to be the one taking Steve’s porn star cock, but instead all she was left with was a fist full of fake tit from his Real Doll. While Steve got off, she watched, and waited. Just when she thought he’d toss aside his realistic sex doll, he pulls out and cums all over her fake plastic belly – leaving Pretty sitting there wanting.

But we know you aren’t here for just the single pic of Pretty and Steve Awesome’s Real Doll. You want to see all the action. Click over to RealDollSex and see Pretty Like Drugs watch Steve fuck Tasia Teya Simone Doll all while this horny teen desperately waits for her turn.

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Realdoll Sex FuckingReady for more Real Doll Sex action? This time Steve Awesome takes on a tiny little sex doll to use and abuse at his own pleasure. No nagging slut hanging over his shoulder telling him what to do! Soon enough he strips down this barely legal sex doll and straps on his camera so you can get a point of view porn like no other!

This Mini Sex doll is as tight as a virgin teen, according to Steve, and it doesn’t take long before he’s balls deep into her silicone vagina. She’s light enough to put where ever he wants, so when he grows tired of fucking this sex doll on the floor, he moves her body to a nearby coffee table.

We absolutely love the sex doll porn made by Steve Awesome over at, even when he’s brought in a real live woman to fuck alongside his sex dolls. This time, though, we were happy to see him go solo with one of his favorite petite sex dolls. He takes her in her virgin tight fake pussy first, before flipping her over and pushing his cock into her resisting asshole.

Finding good sex doll porn on the internet is a tough task these days, but thanks to Steve and his uninhibited lust for all things silicone, we get off on what we like!

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sex doll threesomeBarely legal April is almost as sweet and innocent as she looks. This teenage stripper has never set eyes on a Real Doll before, let alone watch one in action. That’s when Steve Awesome decided it was time for her to learn all about fucking sex dolls, as well as get his own flesh fucking technique critiqued!

This time Steve broke out his RealDoll, sat back, and watched April Booth give his fuck toy a full on lap dance. Teen stripper April shook her ass and ripped off her tight top within minutes, flashing her tiny teen tits all for the RealDoll. Once she got in the mood, April started taking advantage of her new plaything and started squeezing her fake tits and kissing those fake lips.

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Soon enough Steve Awesome stepped in and started fucking his RealDoll while he made April sit there and watch. You would have thought he’d have a go at her as well, but he just stuck to fucking a Real Doll while April witnessed all the action.

Whether you like watching guys fuck sex dolls on their own, or bring along a friend like April to watch them do it, has all the sex doll porn you’re searching for. Click on over and get an eye doll of sex doll fucking from the best site on the net!

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