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Fanta Flesh Revive PowderYou’ve paid a lot of money for your fake pussy, fake ass, or fake tits love doll from the Flesh Fucking Shop. And rightly so, as the toys we feature are the top of the line when it comes to sex dolls. Why not do everything you can to keep it in pristine condition for years to come? If you’ve bought a Fanta Flesh toy, then the best option to keep her skin as soft and supple as the day you bought her would be Fanta Flesh Revive Powder.

This cornstarch based powder is specifically manufactured with additional ingredients to get the most out of your Pipedreams Extreme Toyz. The Fanta Flesh powder is designed to be used both on the outer skin of your sex toy, as well as inside any recesses – so inside the fake pussy and fake ass holes of your Fanta Flesh toys. For less than $5, this powder will add years of that “brand new” feeling to your love doll.

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Bend over and spread them wide, Betty, because you’re in for a rough ride! Ever want a girl to want you so bad that she would bend over and spread her pussy and ass cheeks, just waiting for your cock to fuck her wild? The Ready Betty fake ass and pussy realistic sex doll from Pipedreams Extreme does just that!

This fake pussy and ass doll is slightly lighter than the standard Pipedreams Extreme sex dolls, coming in at just over 11lbs. Don’t let that put you off, though. This Fanta Flesh sex doll still has all the qualities a lot of guys are looking for in their realistic sex toys. The molded hands spread apart her flesh colored ass cheeks, exposing her super tight ass hole, ready for you to pop her anal cherry. Just under that are her puffy pink pussy lips with that same smaller hole. Her delicate pink fingers are great to rub your dick against before going to town on her tight little holes.

The Pipedreams Extreme Ready Betty fake pussy and ass also comes with a few accessories so that you can get her fucking right outside the box. You’ll get a small bottle of Fanta Flesh safe Moist lubricant, anti-bacterial toy cleaner for you to get her ready for your next round, and Fanta Flesh Revive Powder to keep her skin as soft and supple as the day you unwrapped her.

Don’t forget – using the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS, you can save 10% off the Ready Betty, or any of the other realistic sex dolls and accessories that we sell at the Flesh Fucking Shop. With fast shipping as well, you can have Betty in your room by the weekend!
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Heated Fake PussyLooking for something different in your fake pussy sex toy? Check out the Pipedream Extreme Hot Snatch – one of the few male masturbators on the market that comes with it’s own heat! This Fanta Flesh fake pussy comes with a sleeve that can be warmed in the microwave, then slipped over the male sex toy to give it that much more of a realistic experience. No more cold pussies for that morning wank!

With larger realistic sex toys, most of the time your only option to heating it up to body temperature is to give it a bath in hot water. With smaller hand held massagers like this, it can easily be done with a bowl of body-temperature water. The Pipedream Extreme Hot Snatch takes all the wet mess out of the “before” and leaves that to the cleanup “after”!

If fucking realistic sex toys is sometimes a turn off due to their cold temperature, this won’t let you down. If you want to get the ultimate in warming experience, pair this toy up with a warming sex lubricant to get this fake pussy nice and dripping. Check out this video on all the great details on this heated fake pussy – including the textured insides, the free lube and cleaner, and the best way to clean it out to get every bit of jizz out of the toy!

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fake tits sex dollIf you aren’t really for a full fledged sex doll, but still want to enjoy fake pussy, fake ass, and fake tits all in one sex toy, the Mega Fuck Slut from Pipedreams Extreme ticks all those boxes! This is the kind of sex doll you can wrap your arms around and really get a good grip on while fucking.

The Mega Fuck Slut is a heafty 25lbs, meaning that she won’t slide away when you’re giving her a good pounding. With one opening for her fake cunt and other for her ass, you can pick and choose which hole suits you best. She’s also got a pair of 36DD tits that stand up as well as any porn star’s pair. Full hips and a tiny waist make this fuck slut a lot of guys dreams comes true.

The Pipedream Extreme Mega Fuck Slut Mega Masturbator comes with water based lube as well as toy cleaner. This sex doll is great for going doggy style, reverse cowgirl in addition to the standard missionary position. But don’t take our word for it. Watch these two porn stars have a hard fuck with this realistic sex doll.

We know that the Mega Fuck Slut is one pricey toy. That’s why we are giving you a 10% discount at the Flesh Fucking Shop when you use the discount code FLESHFUCKERS during checkout. Just enter the code and save on sex dolls, male masturbators, and anything else online at!

Bad Girl Vibrating Ass – Fake Ass Sex Toy

fake ass sex dollTake it to the next level of realistic sex toys with the Bad Girl Vibrating Ass from Pipedream Extreme Toyz! If stand alone fake asses aren’t quite enough for you, Pipedreams gives it a step up with a remote controlled bullet vibrator that slips inside this perfect ass replica to add to the sensory experience.

Made from 7lbs of Fanta Flesh, the Bad Girl Vibrating Ass has holes for both anal and vaginal penetration. Straddle where her legs would be for a quick and dirty fake pussy fuck, or spin her around and take her up the ass as rough as you like. This vibrating fake ass also comes with Fanta Flesh Revive Powder, to keep you realistic male sex toy as fresh as she was when she came out of the box, a bottle of Moist water based lubricant as well as toy cleaner. The wired remote control takes two AA batteries which are sold separately.

We know that just seeing pictures of this fake ass won’t do it justice, so the team at Pipedreams have come out with a short video of a guy having a good fuck with this fake ass. We love how the girl gets involved as well, as this fake ass sex toy is great to share with your partner. If you’re looking for a video of a guy fucking a fake ass, you won’t be disappointed.

Plan on picking up the Pipedream Extreme Bad Girl Vibrating Ass? Use the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS at the Flesh Fucking Shop to get 10% off your order. We know that kinky fuckers love to save!

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