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Jenna Rose Cyberskin Sex DollWow! We’ve seen the popularity of the Cyberskin Reality Girls blow up over the last few days. Guys are really into the look and feel of these Penthouse sex dolls. So much so that Hidden Door now have cut the prices! The Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose CyberSkin Reality Girl is now seriously discounted!

If you’ve not checked out the Penthouse sex dolls yet, you should at least give them a once over. These are realistic, lifesize Cyberskin sex dolls molded directly form the body of the Penthouse Pet of the Year, Jenna Rose. She has three openings for your pleasure purposes – her mouth that leads to a ribbed throat, a super tight pussy and an even tighter asshole. Her breasts are firm enough for a great titty fuck as well.

The Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose CyberSkin Reality Girl also comes with a heading rod. Once inserted and turned on, it only takes ten minutes to heat up the orifice of choice. She also comes with a vibrating bullet – press it into her fake asshole to feel the vibrations as you fuck her in her pussy.

The only down sides to the CyberSkin Reality Girl sex dolls is that they are molded from a single casting. These ladies aren’t poseable, unlike the Kajono Toys sex dolls. The up side being is that with their discounted price, they’re a quality investment if you don’t have the money for a higher end sex doll. These are fuck toys, pure and simple – and that’s what a lot of guys who come to Flesh Fucking are looking for! Want to get to know the Jenna Rose sex doll a little better? Check out the video below!

Penthouse Pet Marica Hase – CyberSkin Fuck Doll

We’re back again checking out the super realistic Penthouse Pet line of sex dolls. This time we’re feasting our eyes on the Marcia Hase realistic fuck doll from Hidden Door. Just like the other Penthouse Pet sex dolls in this range, each sex doll is made to order, from molds taken directly from the adult star’s body.

The Marcia Hase sex doll is made from PVC, latex and phthalate free materials. Every hole in her body is fuckable – her realistic ass, mouth and pussy. The smartie pants who made this sex doll connected her ass and pussy holes in a U-shape, making it super easy to clean when you’re done. Her fake tits are large enough to wrap around your dick and move up and down for a true to life titfuck that’s totally in your control. Her body is shaped so that you can use this sex doll in multiple positions – sitting up as shown in the images, on her back or even on her belly for some doggy style action.

Included with the Penthouse Pet realistic sex dolls are a few extras to make your experience that much more pleasurable. First, there’s a warming rod that you insert into your hole of choice for a few minutes before you start your evening. Once the cyberskin has reached body temperature, you remove the rod and enjoy your realistic feeling hole. For some added sensation, there’s also a six speed vibrating bullet. Insert it in her ass when you’re fucking her in the pussy (or vice versa) and you’ll feel each quivering pulse as you’re balls deep into this sex doll. Lastly, there are bottles of water based lubricant as well as renewal powder.

The Marcia Hase sex doll is currently on sale at Hidden Door, for more than $500 off the retail price. This clearance won’t last forever, so we suggest you get your orders in soon for one of the most desirable realistic sex dolls on the market!

Psst – want to see her in action? Sure you do…click away. 

Marcia Hase Sex Doll

Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose Vibrating CyberSkin Pussy & AssI was so excited about this new line of toys from Hidden Door, I’m going another post on their products. This time it’s the realistic pussy masturbator – the Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose Vibrating CyberSkin Pussy & Ass! Once again, we’re looking at authentically molded fake pussy taken directly from a cast of this Penthouse Pet of the Year’s tight snatch.

This isn’t your standard fake pussy masturbator, though. First, the stroker (the handle for the realistic pussy toy) is larger than your standard masturbators, letting bigger guys get a better grip on the situation. It’s also got a flat base, so it’ll stay upright when placed on a surface. Now, there is a bit of a debate as to whether this is an ‘ideal’ quality, but this pussy masturbator is open ended. The up side being that it makes it easier to clean, but the down side being you don’t get as much suction as you would with closed ended fuck toys. But, using the multi-speed vibrating bullet that comes with the fake pussy masturbator, you can plug up the hole and add a layer of vibrating sensation to your toy. (Don’t like vibrations? Just insert the bullet and use it as a ‘cork’ for a stronger suction.)

The Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose Vibrating CyberSkin Pussy & Ass is as realistic as it gets, taking from as casting of Jenna’s own pussy. (Yes, I’d hate to be the guy who does that – wouldn’t you?) Her fake pussy and fake ass hole are hand painted. It’s made from phthalate free Cyberskin, and can be cleaned out with your basic sex toy cleaner or a little bit of soap and water. Time to break out the water based lube, guys, and get balls deep into Jenna Rose’s pussy!

Hidden Door Penthouse Sex Dolls

Penthouse Pet Nicole Aniston CyberSkin Reality GirlNow this is when you know you have some great blog readers! Last night I got a message from a Flesh Fucking regular to tell me about this brand new realistic sex doll that’s just come on the market. You might – hell, I know you’ll recognize the name – Penthouse Pets Sex Dolls! Hidden Door – a new retailer to the sex doll sales world – has the official license to sell the Penthouse Pet sex dolls and realistic masturbators.

Right now, though, we’ve got to talk about these realistic fuck dolls. There are currently three in the collection, with the first one being the Penthouse Pet Nicole Aniston Cyberskin Reality Girl. Yes – that’s a mouthful, but soon enough she’ll have a mouthful as well! This fuck doll has been molded directly from the body of Nicole Aniston, the 2013 Penthouse Pet of the Year. Her swatted positioning give you easy access to her fake pussy, fake ass, and even her open mouth. Her breasts are molded independently, so you’ll be able to enjoy a tit fuck between those lovely mounds of Cyberskin flesh.

Penthouse Pet Nicole Aniston CyberSkin Reality GirlIn addition to this Cyberskin sex doll, you’ll get a few extras as well. A pair of warming rods is included. Just insert them into your hole of choice and withing ten minutes, the Nicole Aniston sex doll will be warmed to body temperature. The heating rods come with a 110V and 220V power adapters – just plug them in to warm them up. There’s also an insertable vibrator, to add another layer of sensation to your experience. The vibe itself has various speeds and vibration pattern, so you can dial in as much or as little as you want.

The Penthouse Pet sex dolls are made with a sturdy foam core coated in Cyberskin. This gives you a realistic feeling surface, but enough strength within the sex doll so that she can keep up with you when it gets rough! These fuck dolls are made in the USA, don’t contain any PVC or phthalate and can be easily cleaned with your basic sex toy cleaner. Because of the foam core, we don’t recommend submerging the sex doll in water.

If you’re ready to take on the latest sex dolls from the Penthouse range, head on over to and check out Nicole Aniston, as well as the two other realistic fuck dolls in their collection.

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