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We love the creative minds at Kanojo Toys, and they’ve outdone themselves with their latest toy, the Chokyo Shojo Bondage Virgin Manami Sujiman Onahole. This toy checks off a few fetishes that we know the Flesh Fucking fans have. First, this fake pussy masturbator is modeled after a barely legal teen body – not a spec of hair on this pussy! What takes this onahole to the next level is the intricate bonadage rope (kinbaku or shibari) design built into the toy. The ‘rope’ pulls the pussy upwards, giving a full and fleshy look.

The Chokyo Shojo Bondage Virgin Manami Sujiman Onahole is made from a lifelike material that can take everything you’ve got. Her virgin tight holes open up to a series of bumps and ridges that will bring sensation to every inch of your shaft.

We think Kanojo Toys says it best themselves – ” Since we all love rori as much as you guys, we wanted to explore this world a bit more, taking it a little darker perhaps. There’s always room for adventure, right? Yet our fantasies also have a practical side.”

This onahole is one sided, which means a bit more time for cleanup, but will bring that additional suction that will suck up every inch of your flesh. She weighs in at 420g and is more than 14 inches long. We know some gents who lay Manimi Sujiman on her back as used this as a fake pussy masturbator rather than a hand toy. If you’re searching for a bondage themed masturbator with a barely legal virgin twist, the Chokyo Shojo Bondage Virgin Manami Sujiman Onahole is the way to go!

anime masturbator fake pussyIf you like the idea of popping the cherry of an anime virgin, we’ve got a male masturbator that’s made for you. Serika’s Tight Pussy is so virgin that she can’t even handle the big guys! If you’re looking for a fake pussy that’s tight on the cock but light on the wallet, keep reading.

The Serika’s Tight Pussy is so tight that it’s only recommended for guys who are of average size or smaller. If you’re a lucky well endowed man, you may still enjoy this virgin fake pussy, but you may struggle to get it on correctly. This fake anime pussy measures 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and is made from TPR – Cal Exotic’s own brand of flesh like material. This toy should only be used with a water based lubricant as silicone lubes can break down the TPR.

One of the more unique qualities of this masturbator is that it is closed ended. While it may make clean up slightly more difficult, the exchange is a suction that will enhance the feeling of fucking this fake anime pussy. Her inner tubing is textured for an unequaled experience.

anime pussy masturbator

Cleaning up the Serika’s Tight Pussy takes a few more steps than your typical open ended male masturbator. Open up her pussy hole and run it under warm water until the water runs out of the toy clear. Submerge your toy into a sink with warm soapy water, and use your finger to release any hidden remnants inside the chamber. Once that’s done, run your toy under running water again to get all of the soap out. Shake as much water out of your toy as possible, and pat try with a lint-free towel. You may want to poke a paper towel or two into the fake pussy to be sure all the water from the inner chamber has been removed.

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Watch Yourself Fuck A Fake Pussy – CyberSkin Ice

Watch yourself fuck onaholeWe know a lot of guys like to see their sex toys in action. Our posts with videos of other using their fake pussy and ass dolls are by far the most popular! That’s why we think that the CyberSkin Ice Action View Pussy Stroker would be a toy to discuss!

This see through fake pussy masturbator is made a flesh colored hole, but a clear shaft so you can watch your own cock slide in and out of the toy. The Cyberskin Ice is phthalate free and is waterproof – so you can take this toy in the shower to make cleanup that much easier.

Speaking of cleanup, one of the best features to the CyberSkin Ice Action View Pussy Stroker is that it is open ended. This means that all you have to do for cleanup is stick one end of the fake pussy masturbator over the tap to your sink and let the water run through. The other up side to open ended masturbators is that you can use these on larger-than-average penises. With shorter toys with closed ends, sometimes your tip gets uncomfortably pressed against the other end of the toy. But with the CyberSkin Ice Action View Pussy Stroker, that open end allows your cock to enjoy the ride.

The CyberSkin Ice Action View Pussy Stroker is also one of the more affordable fake pussy masturbators that we have at the Flesh Fucking Shop. For less than $23 plus shipping, you can puck up this guy’s sex toy. But – we can offer it to you even cheaper. Just use the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS during checkout and you can save another 15% on top of the already reduced price. Yes – a fake pussy masturbator for less than $20!

The team here at Flesh Fucking has a thing for Japanese sex toys, in case you can’t tell. Their masturbators are some of the most realistic – and most creative – that you can get in the world. Recently we came across a pair of onaholes that we thought the guys on our site would enjoy – the Sexy Business Woman Self Heating Masturbators. Right now we have two in stock – the Stewardess and the Office Lady.

fake pussy heated maturbatorStarting off with the Stewardess, this fake pussy is as tiny and tight as you can get. The petite little slit on this hand masturbator is just what a lot of guys like about Japanese sex toys – the virgin feel. Alongside the virgin pussy masturbator, you get a rechargeable heating rod. Slide the rod into the awaiting fake pussy, plug it in and wait only a few minutes before the masturbator is at body temperature. Once you remove the rod, you can do whatever nasty things you dream of.

There is also a bullet vibrator that you can insert into the toy to get the additional vibration sensation. With six different settings for speed and patters, you’ll be sure to find one that makes you want cum.heated fake pussy

The Sexy Business Woman has a slightly different appearance, with layers of fleshy Realistic Love Skin creating a more full frame around this larger onahole. This also includes the heating rod and bullet vibrator. These vibrators do require a AAA battery (sold separately).

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Vibrating and Self Heating Asian Fake Pussy

heated asian fake pussyTight, warm Asian pussy and ass can be yours any time you want it, thanks to the Geisha Self-Heating Love Skin Masturbator Ochaya. It starts off as your basic onahole fake pussy – super tight slit made from Love Skin, with a lower hole in it’s virgin fake ass. Then add the remote control bullet vibrator to the mix, and you get a whole new sensation with this Asian fake pussy. Lastly, you can insert the heating element, warm up this hand masturbator, and replace the heater with your cock for a lifelike warmth that will make it seems as if you are fucking the real thing.

With the Geisha Self-Heating Love Skin Masturbator Ochaya fake pussy and fake ass set you get the realistic Love Skin masturbator – with a realistic pussy and asshole. The remote controlled bullet vibrator is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included) and has 6 vibration patters and 8 different speeds. The heating rod warms to tempterature in 10 minutes, so there’s not much waiting around before you can deflower this virgin fake pussy. You even get a small bottle of lube to go with this tight Asian pussy. This Giesha pussy is ready to learn what you have to teach her, so get ready to be the Master.

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