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Finding The Best Lube For Your Realistic Sex Toy

best lube for sex dollsWhen picking out the best sex lube for your sex doll, male masturbator, or other realistic sex toy, there are a lot of things to consider, including the materials that your toy is made from, how long you want the lube to last during use, and cost. Balancing all of these factors can be a bit tricky, but there are options out there for everyone.

The first thing to keep in mind when picking out your ideal sex lubricant is what the sex doll or toy is made from. As a basic rule – any toy made out of silicone, or that has a silicone mix, need to stay away from silicone lubricants. What happens is that the silicone lube will break down the materials in the sex toy over time. In these cases, your only real choice is a water based lubricant. TPR is a material that’s often used in realistic sex toys like the Pipedreams Extreme line and some mixtures do have some levels of silicone in them. While other popular toys like the Fleshlight do not have any silicone in them at all. In that case, you’re open to either water based or silicone based lubricants. Oil based lubes are a bit hit and miss when it comes to sex toys, and as a rule of thumb should probably be kept away from most realistic sex toy materials.

Single use packet of lubeIf you’re looking for longer lasting lubrication, silicone is the way to go. Silicone lubricant is thicker than your standard water based lube, and will last longer over continual thrusting. Silicone based lubes also don’t break down in water, so if you’re using your sex toy in the shower, hot tub or pool, you’ll still get the lubricating effects. The down side to a lube that stands up to use in water? It’s a lot harder to wash out! You’ll need to use a fair amount of soapy water when you’re cleaning off silicone based lubricant.

As with most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to lube. The least expensive lubricants tend to be very thin water based lubes. If you’re not wanting to spend a lot on a lube, you may want to look into single use packets. These inexpensive pods of lube are great for those who would like to get a higher end lube, but don’t want the commitment if it doesn’t work out for them. Most of the higher end lube manufacturers also sell smaller packets of lube.

fanta flesh cleaning kitYou’ve picked up a Pipedreams Extreme realistic sex toy, and you want to be sure that you care for the Fanta Flesh the right way. These realistic sex toys – fake ass, fake pussy and fake tits – can be very expensive, so caring for them the right way is needed! The Fanta Flesh Care Kit will be sure your investment is fully taken care of.

You’ll get three different tools in this Fanta Flesh kit. Fanta Flesh Revive Powder is a cornstarch based powder that helps keep your realistic sex toy feeling as soft and supple as the day you took it out of the package. This powder not only goes on the outside of the sex doll, but also the inner parts for masturbators and toys with a fake pussy or fake ass. The Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is an easy to use spray that is specially designed to work with Fanta Flesh. Just take out the batteries (if your toy has them), spray it down and rinse the sex toy clean with warm water for a complete cleaning. Lastly, the Pipedreams Extreme Moist Lubricant is a water based spray that won’t┬ádisintegrate┬áthe Fanta Flesh, as could happen with other lubricants. If you wear condoms while fucking your fake pussy or fake ass, this lube won’t break down the materials, keeping all the jizz where it belongs.

The Fanta Flesh Care Kit usually retails for around $22, but at Flesh Fucker’s Shop, we’ve got it for less than $16. Not only that, but you can save 10% more by using the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS at checkout. Use this discount to save on not only this sex toy cleanup kit, but any of the toys and tools online at Flesh Fucking’s Shop!