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Orient Industries has outdone themselves again with the Real Love Doll Yasuragi! We personally love sex dolls on the fleshier side and the breast / hip / waist proportions of this Japanese sex doll checks all those boxes. For the fellas who like the numbers, Yasuragi is a 32D – 24 – 35! Like all Orient Industry sex dolls, there are a number of options available to you, letting you tailor this love doll to your desired specifications.

First, you need to choose a body frame type for your Japanese love doll. The ‘Airy Grip’ frame is looser, allowing you to cuddle her in bed with a more natural positioning. The ‘Hard Grip’ is better for those who want Yasuragi to maintain a particular position for a longer period of time. The Hard Grip is also ideal if you like posing your dolls for photographs.

Next comes your choice of nipple color – ‘Natural’ which is on the pink side and ‘Real’ which is more brown. There are four different heads to choose from, from a rather youthful looking Madoka Kurihara to a more mature Yayoi Fujisawa. You will get a wig that matches the head’s particular coloring, or you can choose a different wig for your Japanese sex doll altogether. Real Love Doll Yasuragi also comes with a fingernail kit, anniversary ring and a pair of panties. Pubic hair can be added to your teen sex doll for an additional fee. as well as movable eyes, opposable fingers, a hair care kit and protective cover. But – we don’t think this gorgeous Japanese love doll will be hidden away for very long!

Spending Valentine’s Day solo – either by choice or circumstance? We’re staying “fuck you” to Valentine’s Day this year and celebrating with some of the biggest sales on realistic male masturbators that are up for grabs this time of the year. There are tons of fake pussy, fake ass and fake tit toys ready for you to take home. Kanojo’s rolled out their best sex dolls for this time of the year. So if you’re on the market for something different this Valentines’ Day, check out the deals we’ve discovered.

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Flesh Fucking Shop

We’ve seriously stripped down the prices on some of our most expensive fake fuck dolls and male masturbators. (Hell, we’ve even chopped down the cost of some of our cheaper handheld masturbators.)

As always, you can save 15% on your order using the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS. Yes, you can use this code on top of the discount that’s already there.

Our “Fuck Valentine’s Day” Pick: Bree Olsen’s Cyberskin Tit Job Stroker

Kanojo Toys

Want some fake pussy with a bit of a Japanese twist? Kanojo toys never disappoints with their high quality sex dolls, as well as their massive range of mastubators designed after Japanese porn star pussy.

Do they have Valentine’s Day in Japan? Well, either way – this is is where you want to do for that style of toy.

Our “Fuck Valentine’s Day” Pick: Meiki no Syoumei Hibiki Otsuki Onahole

Free UK delivery on Fleshlights


Don’t let the ad fool you – not only do Lovehoney offer free shipping for their Fleshlight toys in the UK, they’ll ship them elsewhere for free as well, including the USA, Canada, Australia and most places in the EU.

If you’re reading this in January 2014, you can get 15% off your order of £40 or more by clicking this link.

Our “Fuck Valentine’s Day” Pick: Teagan Presley Fleshlight Girls Lotus

Shop Adam and Eve

Adam & Eve

While Adam and Eve don’t have a HUGE selection of realistic masturbators, the one thing they are good for is lube! This is the place we shop to stock up on our sex doll safe lubes. This isn’t the time to go cheap. If there’s a specific lube for your brand of toy – get it. When in doubt, go with a basic water based lubricant.

Right now you can save $20 on any order of $40 or more with the coupon code LOVE20.

Our “Fuck Valentine’s Day” Pick: Adam & Eve Masturbator Lube


Superdoll Love Doll – Kanojo Toy’s Top End Sex Doll

Japanese SexDollSpoil yourself this Christmas with a love doll from Kanojo toys that puts all the others to shame. The Superdoll Love Doll is the high end companion that doesn’t skimp on quality. Unlike other sex dolls, Superdoll has the superior touch, feel, and weight that can only be matched by this high end Japanese love doll manufacturer.

This stunningly realistic love doll is crafted with an immaculate attention to detail. Her head and neck can me moved in a natural position, both up and down and side to side. Her arms and legs can be raised and lowered with ease. Positioing for both cuddle time and sexual play is very simple with the Superdoll Love Doll.

The Superdoll Love Doll comes with one body type – but that certainly doesn’t disappoint. She stands just over 57 inches tall and weighs in at just under 22 kilos. She’s got a 36C bra size, with a 22 inch waist and a 32 inch hip measurement. She even comes with petite little 8.7 inch feet. While you may be limited to this body style, you will be spoiled for choice in other departments. First, you have ten different head styles to choose from – including the youthful looking Emi, the innocent eyed Mizu, the mature and confident Sanae and the ethnic looking Erica. You also have a choice of a dozen hair styles for your new lover.

Superdoll Love Doll Japanese

The ability to customize your Japanese love doll doesn’t end there, though. You also have a choice between three different lip styles (bare and natural, a more blushing pink and a seductive red) and three different nipple types (a pretty pale pink, a darker tanned areola, and a middle-range color scheme).

We think that this would be the ultimate way to spoil yourself this Christmas. What better way to bring in the New Year than with a new companion by your side that meets all of your needs in a way that only a Japanese love doll can!

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Japanese sex dollIt’s time to have a look at another amazing realistic sex doll from Kanojo Toys – the Love Doll Sweet Body. This sexdoll is just as the name describes – petite, soft and gentle. This is the kind of love doll that you’ll want to cuddle up with at night in addition to making love to.

The Love Doll Sweet body has delicious E cup breasts, with a tiny waist that flows out into a firm bottom. She is one of the most realistic flexible sex dolls on the market, made with ultra realistic silicone. Her neck, arms, knees and other joints can hold a pose, so you are able to set her up in a sitting, kneeling or standing position with minimal trouble.

Kanojo Toys Sex Doll

You’ll get fourteen different face styles to choose from, ranging in age and appearance from the barely-legal looking Miyu to the more mature Yuma, and a great range in between. Some of the heads, like the Hatsune, have mouths that open, and others have eyes that open and close.

The Love Doll Sweet Body weighs 20kg and stands just over 55 inches tall. She includes cleaning tools, lotion, onahole and onahole cover. You have the option to add other characteristics such as pubic hair, flexible fingers or a sun tan. This realistic sex doll is a size 7 dress, so you can either pick our your own clothes from any retailer, or order her with her own maid costume. Don’t forget that Kanojo toys will ship their Japanese sex dolls all over the globe, so don’t worry if you are on the other side of the world. The Love Doll Sweet Body can still be yours!

Japanese Sex Dollsreal sex dolls from Japan

realistic sex dolls Real Doll alternativeWe’ve got another beautiful Asian sex doll from the great folks over at Kanojo Toys – the Erie Love Doll! If you like your sex dolls on the younger side, with pretty pink skin and a pair of tits that will fill your hands, this small Japanese sex doll will fit in perfectly in your home.

Standing at a petite 4.4ft tall, Erie is an ideal love doll who want their playthings small and youthful. Her body and face, though, aren’t juvenile by any means! With D-cup breasts and a five different head styles to choose from, Erie comes across as a young 20s sex doll.

The Erie love doll is also a lightweight doll for men who want to be able to handle their dolls without much strain. Weighing only 8.8lbs, Erie can comfortably sit on top of you while you look up into her eyes. This Orient Industry doll has sixteen movable joints and comes with an entire selection of accessories including panties, skin powder, lotion and a onahole pocket pussy to insert when the desire hits. You can also purchase a stand which will hold your Japanese love doll in place when not in use.

Probably the most attractive asset that Erie has that all the sex doll lovers enjoy is her skin. Her face as a translucent appearance that gives her the most lifelike glow. Her makeup is natural and not overdone. The latex skin on this fuck doll is so very soft, and she even had paint-able fingernails.

Don’t forget that Kanojo Toys ships all over the world, so there’s no need to wish from afar that Japanese sex dolls like Erie were in your own home!

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