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Fleshlight Coupon CodeBefore all the porn star pussies and mouths started making their way into the Fleshlight toys, there was the original – the Lady. The Fleshlight Original Lady is the one that started it all. For some guys, this is the ultimate in fake pussy technology. Encased in a black plastic case that resembles a flashlight, even someone looking at it straight on while the lid is on may not have a clue what actually is inside.

But we know that the need for a Fleshlight coupon code is there. The Fleshlight Lady has a list price of $137.99 – quite a hefty price for a hand held male masturbator.  Even with the lower price offered by out online shop, you’re still paying over $100 for this Fleshlight fake pussy. That’s why we are here to offer you a futher discount on the price of a Fleshlight using the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS. This code isn’t just for Fleshlights – it’s for anything online at Using this discount code for a Fleshlight Original Lady will save you another $10 on your purchase.

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fleshflight vaginaIt’s time to talk about hand held male masturbators, and we might as well start off with one of the most popular – the Fleshlight series of fake vagina toys! The Jesse Jane Fleshlight sold at Flesh Fucking’s Shop comes with the lotus style insert for maximum sensation.

If you’ve never tried Fleshlights before, they are an easy to use hand masturbator that’s great for guys who are looking for a fake pussy to fuck, but don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a full sized fake pussy sex toy. Fleshlights are easy to clean, easy to store, and can even travel with you – no metal parts to set off security screenings!

The Jesse Jane Fleshlight is molded directly from the porn star’s body. Yes, some lucky bastard has the job of applying mold to her porn star pussy! Here’s a quick video showing you behind the scenes at the Fleshlight factory, where you can see the toys being made – including catching the aforementioned lucky bastard taking a mold direct from a porn star’s body!

Want to save on Fleshlights – or any other sex toy online at Use the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS for a 10% discount on all the toys online. Get Fleshlights for less at the Flesh Fucking Shop!
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