Spread the firm pinkish lips, and slide your erect shaft in. The welcoming feeling takes over your member, and you now experience the slight lumps on the lining. The suction travels deep – all the way all the way down to your base. You browse all the way down, and you can easily see yourself within it. While you push inside and outside, the gratification takes over you, and you are ready to cum. Immediately after a few more thrusts, you’re about to reach your climax. God, that really feels so awesome, and cleaning is very nearly non-existent. The moment you are finished, you put that wonderful mouth away for the next encounter, anytime you decide you would like more.

Seems like the greatest oral sex, right? No one to pick up, very little foreplay, awesome method, and not even a drop to clean up – who has ever had it this simple? Well, you can find a way you can get it every day, and it’s the Head Honcho. Yeah, you have probably seen male masturbators previously – they often are designed like flashlights and run up to 3 figures to pick up. You cannot even think of paying out that sort of cash, especially in this economy.

These days, you really don’t need to. The Head Honcho is every little thing we’ve detailed and more. Using its extended pink or clear tubing with interior textures, you will find yourself excited by both the pressure and the texture. In fact the well endowed gentlemen will delight in the half a foot of depth. The opening in the lips should fit directly around your cock, and pull down the entire way to the base. The material heats up to your body temperature, mirroring that of a warm mouth. As soon as you’re done, it truly is as simple as flowing warm soapy water down the tube, or turning it inside out for a more detailed washing.

Men all over the world, from all parts of society and all sexual orientations are benefiting from this great solution to high priced masturbation toys. You shouldn’t fork out your hard earned funds on that flash light looking male masturbator when there exists a terrific option available to you. Close your eyes and get dreaming, because the Head Honcho takes you to another place!

Sue Johanson’s Super Head Honcho

Sue Johanson’s Big Honcho

Travel Head Honcho Kit

Sue Johanson’s Honcho