Japanese SexDollSpoil yourself this Christmas with a love doll from Kanojo toys that puts all the others to shame. The Superdoll Love Doll is the high end companion that doesn’t skimp on quality. Unlike other sex dolls, Superdoll has the superior touch, feel, and weight that can only be matched by this high end Japanese love doll manufacturer.

This stunningly realistic love doll is crafted with an immaculate attention to detail. Her head and neck can me moved in a natural position, both up and down and side to side. Her arms and legs can be raised and lowered with ease. Positioing for both cuddle time and sexual play is very simple with the Superdoll Love Doll.

The Superdoll Love Doll comes with one body type – but that certainly doesn’t disappoint. She stands just over 57 inches tall and weighs in at just under 22 kilos. She’s got a 36C bra size, with a 22 inch waist and a 32 inch hip measurement. She even comes with petite little 8.7 inch feet. While you may be limited to this body style, you will be spoiled for choice in other departments. First, you have ten different head styles to choose from – including the youthful looking Emi, the innocent eyed Mizu, the mature and confident Sanae and the ethnic looking Erica. You also have a choice of a dozen hair styles for your new lover.

Superdoll Love Doll Japanese

The ability to customize your Japanese love doll doesn’t end there, though. You also have a choice between three different lip styles (bare and natural, a more blushing pink and a seductive red) and three different nipple types (a pretty pale pink, a darker tanned areola, and a middle-range color scheme).

We think that this would be the ultimate way to spoil yourself this Christmas. What better way to bring in the New Year than with a new companion by your side that meets all of your needs in a way that only a Japanese love doll can!

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