Realdoll sex porn movieWhen “Pretty Like Drugs” met up with sex doll fucker Steve Awesome at the club, she thought she’d be the one to turn him from having sex with dolls to the real live flesh fucking. All the way back to his place, Pretty thought that she would be the one getting the big D that night. Little did she know it was all part of Steve’s Real Doll Sex plan – to get her to watch while he had sex with his┬áTasia Teya Simone Doll.

Barely legal Pretty was made to stay there and watch the whole thing, even without getting any action for herself. Pretty strips down to her boots in the hopes that her 18 year old body will temp him away, but as the night rolls on she’s starting to clue into the fact she’s there for a show only. While Steve Awesome had sex with his love doll, Pretty held her down and was made to watch it all play out. She wanted to be the one taking Steve’s porn star cock, but instead all she was left with was a fist full of fake tit from his Real Doll. While Steve got off, she watched, and waited. Just when she thought he’d toss aside his realistic sex doll, he pulls out and cums all over her fake plastic belly – leaving Pretty sitting there wanting.

But we know you aren’t here for just the single pic of Pretty and Steve Awesome’s Real Doll. You want to see all the action. Click over to RealDollSex and see Pretty Like Drugs watch Steve fuck┬áTasia Teya Simone Doll all while this horny teen desperately waits for her turn.

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