Orient Industries has outdone themselves again with the Real Love Doll Yasuragi! We personally love sex dolls on the fleshier side and the breast / hip / waist proportions of this Japanese sex doll checks all those boxes. For the fellas who like the numbers, Yasuragi is a 32D – 24 – 35! Like all Orient Industry sex dolls, there are a number of options available to you, letting you tailor this love doll to your desired specifications.

First, you need to choose a body frame type for your Japanese love doll. The ‘Airy Grip’ frame is looser, allowing you to cuddle her in bed with a more natural positioning. The ‘Hard Grip’ is better for those who want Yasuragi to maintain a particular position for a longer period of time. The Hard Grip is also ideal if you like posing your dolls for photographs.

Next comes your choice of nipple color – ‘Natural’ which is on the pink side and ‘Real’ which is more brown. There are four different heads to choose from, from a rather youthful looking Madoka Kurihara to a more mature Yayoi Fujisawa. You will get a wig that matches the head’s particular coloring, or you can choose a different wig for your Japanese sex doll altogether. Real Love Doll Yasuragi also comes with a fingernail kit, anniversary ring and a pair of panties. Pubic hair can be added to your teen sex doll for an additional fee. as well as movable eyes, opposable fingers, a hair care kit and protective cover. But – we don’t think this gorgeous Japanese love doll will be hidden away for very long!

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