Jenna Rose Cyberskin Sex DollWow! We’ve seen the popularity of the Cyberskin Reality Girls blow up over the last few days. Guys are really into the look and feel of these Penthouse sex dolls. So much so that Hidden Door now have cut the prices! The Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose CyberSkin Reality Girl is now seriously discounted!

If you’ve not checked out the Penthouse sex dolls yet, you should at least give them a once over. These are realistic, lifesize Cyberskin sex dolls molded directly form the body of the Penthouse Pet of the Year, Jenna Rose. She has three openings for your pleasure purposes – her mouth that leads to a ribbed throat, a super tight pussy and an even tighter asshole. Her breasts are firm enough for a great titty fuck as well.

The Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose CyberSkin Reality Girl also comes with a heading rod. Once inserted and turned on, it only takes ten minutes to heat up the orifice of choice. She also comes with a vibrating bullet – press it into her fake asshole to feel the vibrations as you fuck her in her pussy.

The only down sides to the CyberSkin Reality Girl sex dolls is that they are molded from a single casting. These ladies aren’t poseable, unlike the Kajono Toys sex dolls. The up side being is that with their discounted price, they’re a quality investment if you don’t have the money for a higher end sex doll. These are fuck toys, pure and simple – and that’s what a lot of guys who come to Flesh Fucking are looking for! Want to get to know the Jenna Rose sex doll a little better? Check out the video below!

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