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Finding The Best Lube For Your Realistic Sex Toy

best lube for sex dollsWhen picking out the best sex lube for your sex doll, male masturbator, or other realistic sex toy, there are a lot of things to consider, including the materials that your toy is made from, how long you want the lube to last during use, and cost. Balancing all of these factors can be a bit tricky, but there are options out there for everyone.

The first thing to keep in mind when picking out your ideal sex lubricant is what the sex doll or toy is made from. As a basic rule – any toy made out of silicone, or that has a silicone mix, need to stay away from silicone lubricants. What happens is that the silicone lube will break down the materials in the sex toy over time. In these cases, your only real choice is a water based lubricant. TPR is a material that’s often used in realistic sex toys like the Pipedreams Extreme line and some mixtures do have some levels of silicone in them. While other popular toys like the Fleshlight do not have any silicone in them at all. In that case, you’re open to either water based or silicone based lubricants. Oil based lubes are a bit hit and miss when it comes to sex toys, and as a rule of thumb should probably be kept away from most realistic sex toy materials.

Single use packet of lubeIf you’re looking for longer lasting lubrication, silicone is the way to go. Silicone lubricant is thicker than your standard water based lube, and will last longer over continual thrusting. Silicone based lubes also don’t break down in water, so if you’re using your sex toy in the shower, hot tub or pool, you’ll still get the lubricating effects. The down side to a lube that stands up to use in water? It’s a lot harder to wash out! You’ll need to use a fair amount of soapy water when you’re cleaning off silicone based lubricant.

As with most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to lube. The least expensive lubricants tend to be very thin water based lubes. If you’re not wanting to spend a lot on a lube, you may want to look into single use packets. These inexpensive pods of lube are great for those who would like to get a higher end lube, but don’t want the commitment if it doesn’t work out for them. Most of the higher end lube manufacturers also sell smaller packets of lube.

anime masturbator fake pussyIf you like the idea of popping the cherry of an anime virgin, we’ve got a male masturbator that’s made for you. Serika’s Tight Pussy is so virgin that she can’t even handle the big guys! If you’re looking for a fake pussy that’s tight on the cock but light on the wallet, keep reading.

The Serika’s Tight Pussy is so tight that it’s only recommended for guys who are of average size or smaller. If you’re a lucky well endowed man, you may still enjoy this virgin fake pussy, but you may struggle to get it on correctly. This fake anime pussy measures 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and is made from TPR – Cal Exotic’s own brand of flesh like material. This toy should only be used with a water based lubricant as silicone lubes can break down the TPR.

One of the more unique qualities of this masturbator is that it is closed ended. While it may make clean up slightly more difficult, the exchange is a suction that will enhance the feeling of fucking this fake anime pussy. Her inner tubing is textured for an unequaled experience.

anime pussy masturbator

Cleaning up the Serika’s Tight Pussy takes a few more steps than your typical open ended male masturbator. Open up her pussy hole and run it under warm water until the water runs out of the toy clear. Submerge your toy into a sink with warm soapy water, and use your finger to release any hidden remnants inside the chamber. Once that’s done, run your toy under running water again to get all of the soap out. Shake as much water out of your toy as possible, and pat try with a lint-free towel. You may want to poke a paper towel or two into the fake pussy to be sure all the water from the inner chamber has been removed.

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Carly The Redhead Teddy Babes Plush Sex Doll

teddy babes plush sex dollsRealistic Japanese sex dolls not quite your thing? Or maybe your budget isn’t quite four figures that some of these realistic sex dolls can cost? If so, the Teddy Babes line of plush sex dolls may be the alternative that you’re looking for. The first we’ll be featuring here on Flesh Fucking is our personal favorite – Carly the Redhead.

Carly-Sexy-Ginger-Haired-Hottie-sex-dollUnlike silicone sex dolls that hold the coolness of a room, plush sex dolls like Carly are much warmer and more cuddly than your standard sex doll. Carly’s skin is made with a velvet like plush material that mimics the softness of skin. She’s also stuffed quite firmly with a hypoallergenic poly-fill and can handle a partner who weights 500lbs or less. Her extra long ginger hair flows nicely past her full breasts and pink nipples.

She comes as you see her – in a blue teddy with matching garters and stocking, French manicured fingernails and golden hoop earrings. If you’re looking for numbers, Carly is a 36-22-34. We know one of the first questions you’ll as is if you can actually have sex with Carly. Yes – you can. Carly comes with a plush vaginal insert that can be removed and washed after use. You can also use femal condoms to make cleanup that much easier. Unfortunately, Carly does not have an open mouth, and does not have a method for anal entry.

As the makers of Teddy Babes are based in Canada, getting your plush sex doll will be much quicker than your international silicone love dolls. Each Teddy Babe is made to order, which takes around 2 to 4 weeks. A Teddy Babe is shipped to you privately and discretely via Canada Post, FedEx, UPS Ground, or DHL in a large, sturdy cardboard box measuring 50″ x 13″ x 13″ (127 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm). The box will be unmarked, with return address information reading “AVAV.”

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Buy Fake Pussy Sex Toys’s Steve Awesome Makes His Date Watch!

Realdoll sex porn movieWhen “Pretty Like Drugs” met up with sex doll fucker Steve Awesome at the club, she thought she’d be the one to turn him from having sex with dolls to the real live flesh fucking. All the way back to his place, Pretty thought that she would be the one getting the big D that night. Little did she know it was all part of Steve’s Real Doll Sex plan – to get her to watch while he had sex with his Tasia Teya Simone Doll.

Barely legal Pretty was made to stay there and watch the whole thing, even without getting any action for herself. Pretty strips down to her boots in the hopes that her 18 year old body will temp him away, but as the night rolls on she’s starting to clue into the fact she’s there for a show only. While Steve Awesome had sex with his love doll, Pretty held her down and was made to watch it all play out. She wanted to be the one taking Steve’s porn star cock, but instead all she was left with was a fist full of fake tit from his Real Doll. While Steve got off, she watched, and waited. Just when she thought he’d toss aside his realistic sex doll, he pulls out and cums all over her fake plastic belly – leaving Pretty sitting there wanting.

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realdoll sex

Fuck Me Silly Sista! Black Sex Doll Mega Masturbator

fake black pussy and titsDreaming of fucking a black girl with an itty bitty waist and massive DD tits? Now you can with the Fuck Me Silly Sista! Black Sex Doll Mega Masturbator from Pipedreams Extreme. This realistic fuck toy is perfect for those guys who want all the pleasures of the ebony flesh without having to deal with an actual girl. Best of all, she tucks away under your bed or in the closet for easy storage after the fun. No commitments, no bullshit, and no worries about knocking her up. It is an all access, any time-any place piece of pussy and ass made for your cock!

You can please yourself three ways with the Fuck Me Silly Sista. First, her fake pussy is positioned so that you can fuck her while playing with her massive 36DD tits. When you’ve had enough of her realistic pussy, her asshole can also be enjoyed from the same position. Or, you can flip her over and take her from behind. If you’re into a hot ebody tit fuck, straddle her tiny waist and slip your cock in between her large fake tits for a brand new experience.

Fuck Me Silly Sista! Black Mega Masturbator

The Fuck Me Silly Sista is made from over 12lbs of Fanta Flesh for the ultimate realistic feel. She has a total length of just over 20 inches and is just over a foot wide at her widest point. This fake pussy and ass sex toy is submersible in water, which makes cleanup even easier. When you buy the Fuck Me Silly Sista from the Flesh Fucking Shop, you’ll also get a free bottle of sex toy cleaner, a free bottle of lubricant, and even a free DVD porn movie!

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We know what you’re really looking for, though. You want to see this fake pussy and ass sex doll in action, don’t you? Check out the hardcore clip below to see what you could be doing this weekend if you pick up the Fuck Me Silly Sista Mega Masturbator sex doll!

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