Full Size Sex DollYou may have a double take when you check out the Ange Bihaku sex doll for the first time. Like all the Orient Industry love dolls, Ange is as close to realistic as they come. This complete body love doll isn’t just a fuck toy – some see these as companion pieces. Whether you’re looking for a realistic Japanese sex doll or someone to keep you company in bed at night, Ange Bihaku is an investment piece that will keep you satisfied.

Kanojo Toys knows that when it comes to love dolls, sometimes the smallest features are what counts. For guys who are looking for soft pale skin, angelic face, and full breasts on their adult sex dolls, Ange is the sex doll to check all those boxes. The amount of customization on this Japanese sex doll is unreal – three different head styles, two different breast sizes, various hair styles and even the texture of her fake pussy are all choices you can make with your love doll. There are also optional extras that you can get in addition to the standard model doll, including movable eyes and fingers. In addition, you’ll also get a few extras with your Ange Bihaku love doll – bra and panties, an anniversary ring, and a fingernail kit so she can have the perfect manicure.

White Skin Japanese silicone sex doll

You also have two options when it comes to body structure. The “grip” model of sex doll is better for those who wish to position Ange and have her stay in place – great for photographers as well as those who wish for their love doll to do non-sexual things as sit with them at the table for dinner, or go for a drive in the car. The “free” style gives Ange more flexibility and is better for laying down and placing in any sexual position you want this Japanese sex doll to be in.

Don’t be put off by the fact that the Ange Bihaku sex doll is sold all the way in Japan. Kanojo Toys ships worldwide, as they know that there’s an appreciation for Japanese sex dolls all over the world. Her soft pale silicone skin and realistic pussy have been enjoyed by men (and some women) from all over the globe.
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