RealTouch With Porn Stars

Are you ready for some one on one interactive sex with one of Tiger Wood’s hottest mistresses? Joslyn James is making a special appearance for the month of September, and RealTouch guys are already setting up their “tee times” to get it off with her! If you’ve never heard of the RealTouch, it is one of the hottest male sex toys on the market! Hooking up the RealTouch to your computer allows it to either receive information from the porn you’re watching, or in this case, get signals from the dildo that your live sex partner is using at the other end. The result? You feel exactly what is going on. When she rides the dildo up and down, the RealTouch replicates that feeling on your own cock. When she cums and tightens around her toy you get that same feeling on your dick. When she’s sucking it off, it’s like her own lips are around your penis. Every action is mimiced in real time with the Real Touch.

This time, Joslyn James could be the porn star giving you your interactive sex show! If you’ve already got your own RealTouch, you can add on minutes and reserve your slot with Joslyn. Not picked up your RealTouch yet? There are special packages just for the event! The RealTouch devices include everything you need to get off right from the start – including video on demand minutes for their huge selection of movies, all the power cords and connections, lubricant, and even a free introductory date. With the Joslyn packages, you can also pick up either 30 or 60 minutes with Joslyn herself! Times are limited, so be sure you reserve your date with Joslyn James as soon as you can!

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