fleshlight fucking toysReady to add to your flesh fucking experiences with your very own fleshlight? TheĀ Liberator Fleshlight “On a Mission” Mount allows you to have a hand-free experience while fucking your Fleshlight missionary style. Rather than a realistic sex doll, the Fleshlight mount is a faux leather item that holds your hand masturbator in place while you assume the position.

The Fleshlight mount stands 9 and a half inches tall and 28 inches long, which can fit perfectly on top of your bed for some Fleshlight fucking fun. The pocket fits a Fleshlight handle perfectly, and we suspect that even other hand masturbators will fit inside this recess. The mount cleans up great with a quick wipe down with soap and water, but should never be submerged.

Not picked up your own Fleshlight yet? We’ve got quite the selection at the Flesh Fucking shop, both the standard models, as well as the porn-star designed versions. Whether you’re looking to fuck a fake pussy, a fake ass, or a fake pair of lips, the Fleshlight folks have you covered. And now, we can offer you a savings over the retail price of a Fleshlight. Use the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS with your order, and you can save 10% off your order at the Flesh Fucking Shop on this Fleshlight mount, any fake pussy or ass online, or anything else you can see in the store. Just be sure to enter that coupon code to get your discount on Fleshlights!

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