Japanese sex dollIt’s time to have a look at another amazing realistic sex doll from Kanojo Toys – the Love Doll Sweet Body. This sexdoll is just as the name describes – petite, soft and gentle. This is the kind of love doll that you’ll want to cuddle up with at night in addition to making love to.

The Love Doll Sweet body has delicious E cup breasts, with a tiny waist that flows out into a firm bottom. She is one of the most realistic flexible sex dolls on the market, made with ultra realistic silicone. Her neck, arms, knees and other joints can hold a pose, so you are able to set her up in a sitting, kneeling or standing position with minimal trouble.

Kanojo Toys Sex Doll

You’ll get fourteen different face styles to choose from, ranging in age and appearance from the barely-legal looking Miyu to the more mature Yuma, and a great range in between. Some of the heads, like the Hatsune, have mouths that open, and others have eyes that open and close.

The Love Doll Sweet Body weighs 20kg and stands just over 55 inches tall. She includes cleaning tools, lotion, onahole and onahole cover. You have the option to add other characteristics such as pubic hair, flexible fingers or a sun tan. This realistic sex doll is a size 7 dress, so you can either pick our your own clothes from any retailer, or order her with her own maid costume. Don’t forget that Kanojo toys will ship their Japanese sex dolls all over the globe, so don’t worry if you are on the other side of the world. The Love Doll Sweet Body can still be yours!

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