Fleshylight Cyber Snatch Pussy Masturbator Interactive Asian Male Sex ToyLooking for a budget alternative to your standard hand masturbator? Fleshylight Cyber is new the realistic masturbator toy line on the market that takes all the qualities of your favorite masturbator and brings them down to an affordable price.

With a cost of less than $30, you’re getting so much more than a fake pussy, fake ass or fake mouth fuck toy. With each Fleshylight Cyber set you’ll also be two DVDs that will help you bring your Flesh Fucking experience to the next level – but more about that in a bit. There are currently 21 different Fleshylight sets to choose from, with a great balance between fake pussy toys, ass hole toys, and toys shaped like mouths. The Fleshylight sex toy is stiff enough to handle a good hard fucking, but soft enough to resemble the real thing. It’s as easy to clean as your standard hand masturbator and can store away from prying eyes without any worry of discovery.

Fleshylight Cyber Snatch Pussy Masturbator Interactive Male Sex Toy

Fleshylight Cyber Mouth Masturbator Interactive Naughty Male Sex Toy

Fleshylight Cyber Ass Masturbator Interactive Naughty Male Sex Toy

The best part of the Fleshlylight sets? They also come with two DVDs for you to jerk along to. Depending on the porn style you’re looking for, there’s a Fleshylight set that meets your needs. In the selection of fake pussy, fake ass and fake mouth masturbators come porn movies in the Asian, Milf, Lesbian, Latina and College Co-Eds genres, as well as your standard porn movie.

You can get the Fleshylight sets at the Flesh Fucking Shop for less than their retail price. But – you can save even more when you use the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS during checkout. This will save you an additional 15% off your purchase, no matter what you are picking up at Shop.FleshFucking.com. We think this would be a great stocking stuffer for that guy who spends a lot of time away from home. If that’s the case, order soon to be sure it’ll arrive before Santa does!

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