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Confession time. There’s one other thing that we totally mark out over when it comes to sex – and that’s Star Wars. Sure, we’re big fans of the movies, but get a girl dressed up like Princess Leia and we’re a big puddle of premature ejacualtion. But a sex doll dressed up as Darth Vader? Excuse me while I grab a pile of tissues!

In Definitely Not Star Wars! Featuring Darth Teya! the Real Doll Sex crew do what they do best – making sex doll porn for guys that love that sort of fantasy. Steve Awesome dresses up as a lackey Storm Trooper while silicone sex doll Teya Simone does her best Darth Vader impression. As the story goes, the Storm Trooper enters into Darth Teya’s chamber, only to find the fuck doll is asleep! Steve takes matters into his own hands and has his way with a sleeping sex doll. After cockslapping her face, grabs hold of her realistic tits before squeezing the hell out of them. When that foreplay is done, Storm Trooper Steve gets his sex doll on all fours, having her take it doggy style. As his cock moves in and out of that realistic pussy’s slit, Teya’s head piece pops open to reveal she’s more machine than man! This doesn’t stop Steve from fucking his Real Doll, boning her from every angle possible before dropping his load right on her tight stomach.

Into watching guys fuck sex dolls on camera? Real Doll Sex has boatloads of sex doll porn all at a very reasonable monthly membership fee. You can even download your favorite videos – including the Definitely Not Star Wars! Featuring Darth Teya! video to your own hard drive to watch over and over again. In addition to, you’ll also get access to a number of other porn sites in your monthly fee, including Gamer Chicks, Abbie Teen and Asian Solo Girls. We think we’ll stick with our favorite sex doll porn, if that’s alright with you!

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Farrah Abraham’s Fuckable Fake Ass Sex Doll

You’ve watched the sex tape – are you now ready for your own piece of this ass? The Farrah’s Backdoor Entry Vibrating Pussy and Ass is a replica of reality star Farrah Abraham’s famous back side that’s one of the most downloaded porn tapes in recent years. Her ass was famously taken my James Deen and now you can recreate that action in your own home.

The cyberskin sex doll has both a pussy and an asshole entry point, allowing you to choose which hole you’re looking to enjoy. Insert the warming wands for ten minutes and it’ll bring the fake ass sex doll up to body temperature, making it feel as warm as the real thing. Add your choice of water based sex lube, and she’s wet and ready to go. If you’re looking for some additional sensation, press the six speed vibrating egg into one of her holes and you can feel the vibrations throughout the whole toy.

Each entry point in this fake pussy and ass sex doll connect to an open end in the back, making this toy much easier to clean than close ended models. Simply flush warm water through her pussy or ass for a quick clean and let air dry before your next round.

The Farrah Abraham sex doll also includes hand grips so that you can replicate her favorite doggy style position. There’s also a suction back design that will stick to flat surfaces for minimal movement. This phthalate free sex doll has been hand painted, giving her pussy lips that pretty pink flush that looks just like the real thing! Bring reality tv to your bedroom with one of the hottest fake pussy and ass sex dolls out this year!