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Archive for June, 2014

We love the creative minds at Kanojo Toys, and they’ve outdone themselves with their latest toy, the Chokyo Shojo Bondage Virgin Manami Sujiman Onahole. This toy checks off a few fetishes that we know the Flesh Fucking fans have. First, this fake pussy masturbator is modeled after a barely legal teen body – not a spec of hair on this pussy! What takes this onahole to the next level is the intricate bonadage rope (kinbaku or shibari) design built into the toy. The ‘rope’ pulls the pussy upwards, giving a full and fleshy look.

The Chokyo Shojo Bondage Virgin Manami Sujiman Onahole is made from a lifelike material that can take everything you’ve got. Her virgin tight holes open up to a series of bumps and ridges that will bring sensation to every inch of your shaft.

We think Kanojo Toys says it best themselves – ” Since we all love rori as much as you guys, we wanted to explore this world a bit more, taking it a little darker perhaps. There’s always room for adventure, right? Yet our fantasies also have a practical side.”

This onahole is one sided, which means a bit more time for cleanup, but will bring that additional suction that will suck up every inch of your flesh. She weighs in at 420g and is more than 14 inches long. We know some gents who lay Manimi Sujiman on her back as used this as a fake pussy masturbator rather than a hand toy. If you’re searching for a bondage themed masturbator with a barely legal virgin twist, the Chokyo Shojo Bondage Virgin Manami Sujiman Onahole is the way to go!

Orient Industries has outdone themselves again with the Real Love Doll Yasuragi! We personally love sex dolls on the fleshier side and the breast / hip / waist proportions of this Japanese sex doll checks all those boxes. For the fellas who like the numbers, Yasuragi is a 32D – 24 – 35! Like all Orient Industry sex dolls, there are a number of options available to you, letting you tailor this love doll to your desired specifications.

First, you need to choose a body frame type for your Japanese love doll. The ‘Airy Grip’ frame is looser, allowing you to cuddle her in bed with a more natural positioning. The ‘Hard Grip’ is better for those who want Yasuragi to maintain a particular position for a longer period of time. The Hard Grip is also ideal if you like posing your dolls for photographs.

Next comes your choice of nipple color – ‘Natural’ which is on the pink side and ‘Real’ which is more brown. There are four different heads to choose from, from a rather youthful looking Madoka Kurihara to a more mature Yayoi Fujisawa. You will get a wig that matches the head’s particular coloring, or you can choose a different wig for your Japanese sex doll altogether. Real Love Doll Yasuragi also comes with a fingernail kit, anniversary ring and a pair of panties. Pubic hair can be added to your teen sex doll for an additional fee. as well as movable eyes, opposable fingers, a hair care kit and protective cover. But – we don’t think this gorgeous Japanese love doll will be hidden away for very long!

Jenna Rose Cyberskin Sex DollWow! We’ve seen the popularity of the Cyberskin Reality Girls blow up over the last few days. Guys are really into the look and feel of these Penthouse sex dolls. So much so that Hidden Door now have cut the prices! The Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose CyberSkin Reality Girl is now seriously discounted!

If you’ve not checked out the Penthouse sex dolls yet, you should at least give them a once over. These are realistic, lifesize Cyberskin sex dolls molded directly form the body of the Penthouse Pet of the Year, Jenna Rose. She has three openings for your pleasure purposes – her mouth that leads to a ribbed throat, a super tight pussy and an even tighter asshole. Her breasts are firm enough for a great titty fuck as well.

The Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose CyberSkin Reality Girl also comes with a heading rod. Once inserted and turned on, it only takes ten minutes to heat up the orifice of choice. She also comes with a vibrating bullet – press it into her fake asshole to feel the vibrations as you fuck her in her pussy.

The only down sides to the CyberSkin Reality Girl sex dolls is that they are molded from a single casting. These ladies aren’t poseable, unlike the Kajono Toys sex dolls. The up side being is that with their discounted price, they’re a quality investment if you don’t have the money for a higher end sex doll. These are fuck toys, pure and simple – and that’s what a lot of guys who come to Flesh Fucking are looking for! Want to get to know the Jenna Rose sex doll a little better? Check out the video below!

Our friends over at Geekgasms tipped us off to this treat that we think a few of you fellas may enjoy. This is the first time we’ve featured animates porn on this site, as we usually stick to the ‘flesh’ end of Flesh Fucking. But, the fact that this animated fuck toy is a robot did pique our interest! Super Sexy Andriod is the story of how Pinky is transformed from a military robot spy to a 24/7 sex slave.

The sexy android Pinky is a super spy robot who can process data a hundred times faster then any human capability. She’s also amazingly hot in that usual anime style!

As she was being shipped by the Japanese military, she was accidentally activated without a normal operating circuit. Pinky was unaware of what had happened, until she met a man named Kenichi. In his own little way, Kenichi reprograms her to operate in “sex mode”, turning Pinky into his live in sex slave.

Meanwhile, the organization which created her desperately searches for their national treasure. Pinky has to not only please her new master, but keep them both from falling prisoner of the Japanese military.

I bet it’s not too much of an imagination stretch to tell us what you’d do with a robot like Pinky. We’d love to hear your fantasies – or let us know of what actual adventures you’ve got into with sex dolls and sex robots of your own! You can see what Kenichi does with Pinky in Super Sexy Android from Kink’s Animated Kink!