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Japanese sex dollIt’s time to have a look at another amazing realistic sex doll from Kanojo Toys – the Love Doll Sweet Body. This sexdoll is just as the name describes – petite, soft and gentle. This is the kind of love doll that you’ll want to cuddle up with at night in addition to making love to.

The Love Doll Sweet body has delicious E cup breasts, with a tiny waist that flows out into a firm bottom. She is one of the most realistic flexible sex dolls on the market, made with ultra realistic silicone. Her neck, arms, knees and other joints can hold a pose, so you are able to set her up in a sitting, kneeling or standing position with minimal trouble.

Kanojo Toys Sex Doll

You’ll get fourteen different face styles to choose from, ranging in age and appearance from the barely-legal looking Miyu to the more mature Yuma, and a great range in between. Some of the heads, like the Hatsune, have mouths that open, and others have eyes that open and close.

The Love Doll Sweet Body weighs 20kg and stands just over 55 inches tall. She includes cleaning tools, lotion, onahole and onahole cover. You have the option to add other characteristics such as pubic hair, flexible fingers or a sun tan. This realistic sex doll is a size 7 dress, so you can either pick our your own clothes from any retailer, or order her with her own maid costume. Don’t forget that Kanojo toys will ship their Japanese sex dolls all over the globe, so don’t worry if you are on the other side of the world. The Love Doll Sweet Body can still be yours!

Japanese Sex Dollsreal sex dolls from Japan

Realdoll Sex FuckingReady for more Real Doll Sex action? This time Steve Awesome takes on a tiny little sex doll to use and abuse at his own pleasure. No nagging slut hanging over his shoulder telling him what to do! Soon enough he strips down this barely legal sex doll and straps on his camera so you can get a point of view porn like no other!

This Mini Sex doll is as tight as a virgin teen, according to Steve, and it doesn’t take long before he’s balls deep into her silicone vagina. She’s light enough to put where ever he wants, so when he grows tired of fucking this sex doll on the floor, he moves her body to a nearby coffee table.

We absolutely love the sex doll porn made by Steve Awesome over at, even when he’s brought in a real live woman to fuck alongside his sex dolls. This time, though, we were happy to see him go solo with one of his favorite petite sex dolls. He takes her in her virgin tight fake pussy first, before flipping her over and pushing his cock into her resisting asshole.

Finding good sex doll porn on the internet is a tough task these days, but thanks to Steve and his uninhibited lust for all things silicone, we get off on what we like!

realdoll sex

fake black assLooking for a big black fake pussy to fuck whenever you want? Check out the Fuck My Big Black Ass Mega Masturbator from Pipedream Extreme Toyz collection! This toy is just like the Fuck Me Silly sex doll, but with a deliciously dark skin tone and a fake ghetto booty for you to fuck on your own terms!

Made with over 20lbs of Fanta Flesh, the Fuck My Big Black Ass Mega Masturbator has both an asshole and a pussy hole for you to fuck. Keep her on her legs to fuck her hard from behind, or flip her over to jizz all over her belly. No need to pick up any extras when you buy this fake pussy and ass doll – it’s all included. This fake black pussy and ass toy also comes with sex toy cleaner, Fanta Flesh Revive powder, and water based lube.

So you’ve read about it – and now it’s time to see it in action! Watch the video below to see porn star Ryan Driller fuck this sex doll every way possible. No need to find sex doll Tumblrs to get your fix – we’ve got it right here.

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vibrating fleshlightSure, you can stick to your standard Fleshlight and get stroking, but have you ever thought about upgrading your male masturbator? Vibrating Fleshlights like the Vibro Pink Lady Touch is the perfect improvement on an already amazing masturbator.

The Vibro Pink Lady Touch is your standard fake pussy Fleshlight with a few bells and whistles. The inside of this male sex toy is a series of fleshy nubs that transfer the sensations to your penis without any loss of pleasure. Three vibrating bullets are included that can be inserted into the fake pussy to give an additional feeling of realism. Just pop them into the secure sleeves at the base of the fake vagina and give it a try! With every Pink Lady Touch, you’ll also get an additional battery pack that will extend the use of the toy to over 13 hours.

Fleshlights are a great toy to use alone, or in conjunction with other accessories like the VStroker. We often hear about wives using Fleshlights on their husband when they would rather not have sex.

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RealTouch With Porn Stars

Are you ready for some one on one interactive sex with one of Tiger Wood’s hottest mistresses? Joslyn James is making a special appearance for the month of September, and RealTouch guys are already setting up their “tee times” to get it off with her! If you’ve never heard of the RealTouch, it is one of the hottest male sex toys on the market! Hooking up the RealTouch to your computer allows it to either receive information from the porn you’re watching, or in this case, get signals from the dildo that your live sex partner is using at the other end. The result? You feel exactly what is going on. When she rides the dildo up and down, the RealTouch replicates that feeling on your own cock. When she cums and tightens around her toy you get that same feeling on your dick. When she’s sucking it off, it’s like her own lips are around your penis. Every action is mimiced in real time with the Real Touch.

This time, Joslyn James could be the porn star giving you your interactive sex show! If you’ve already got your own RealTouch, you can add on minutes and reserve your slot with Joslyn. Not picked up your RealTouch yet? There are special packages just for the event! The RealTouch devices include everything you need to get off right from the start – including video on demand minutes for their huge selection of movies, all the power cords and connections, lubricant, and even a free introductory date. With the Joslyn packages, you can also pick up either 30 or 60 minutes with Joslyn herself! Times are limited, so be sure you reserve your date with Joslyn James as soon as you can!