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sex doll threesomeBarely legal April is almost as sweet and innocent as she looks. This teenage stripper has never set eyes on a Real Doll before, let alone watch one in action. That’s when Steve Awesome decided it was time for her to learn all about fucking sex dolls, as well as get his own flesh fucking technique critiqued!

This time Steve broke out his RealDoll, sat back, and watched April Booth give his fuck toy a full on lap dance. Teen stripper April shook her ass and ripped off her tight top within minutes, flashing her tiny teen tits all for the RealDoll. Once she got in the mood, April started taking advantage of her new plaything and started squeezing her fake tits and kissing those fake lips.

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Soon enough Steve Awesome stepped in and started fucking his RealDoll while he made April sit there and watch. You would have thought he’d have a go at her as well, but he just stuck to fucking a Real Doll while April witnessed all the action.

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realistic sex dolls Real Doll alternativeWe’ve got another beautiful Asian sex doll from the great folks over at Kanojo Toys – the Erie Love Doll! If you like your sex dolls on the younger side, with pretty pink skin and a pair of tits that will fill your hands, this small Japanese sex doll will fit in perfectly in your home.

Standing at a petite 4.4ft tall, Erie is an ideal love doll who want their playthings small and youthful. Her body and face, though, aren’t juvenile by any means! With D-cup breasts and a five different head styles to choose from, Erie comes across as a young 20s sex doll.

The Erie love doll is also a lightweight doll for men who want to be able to handle their dolls without much strain. Weighing only 8.8lbs, Erie can comfortably sit on top of you while you look up into her eyes. This Orient Industry doll has sixteen movable joints and comes with an entire selection of accessories including panties, skin powder, lotion and a onahole pocket pussy to insert when the desire hits. You can also purchase a stand which will hold your Japanese love doll in place when not in use.

Probably the most attractive asset that Erie has that all the sex doll lovers enjoy is her skin. Her face as a translucent appearance that gives her the most lifelike glow. Her makeup is natural and not overdone. The latex skin on this fuck doll is so very soft, and she even had paint-able fingernails.

Don’t forget that Kanojo Toys ships all over the world, so there’s no need to wish from afar that Japanese sex dolls like Erie were in your own home!

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The team here at Flesh Fucking has a thing for Japanese sex toys, in case you can’t tell. Their masturbators are some of the most realistic – and most creative – that you can get in the world. Recently we came across a pair of onaholes that we thought the guys on our site would enjoy – the Sexy Business Woman Self Heating Masturbators. Right now we have two in stock – the Stewardess and the Office Lady.

fake pussy heated maturbatorStarting off with the Stewardess, this fake pussy is as tiny and tight as you can get. The petite little slit on this hand masturbator is just what a lot of guys like about Japanese sex toys – the virgin feel. Alongside the virgin pussy masturbator, you get a rechargeable heating rod. Slide the rod into the awaiting fake pussy, plug it in and wait only a few minutes before the masturbator is at body temperature. Once you remove the rod, you can do whatever nasty things you dream of.

There is also a bullet vibrator that you can insert into the toy to get the additional vibration sensation. With six different settings for speed and patters, you’ll be sure to find one that makes you want cum.heated fake pussy

The Sexy Business Woman has a slightly different appearance, with layers of fleshy Realistic Love Skin creating a more full frame around this larger onahole. This also includes the heating rod and bullet vibrator. These vibrators do require a AAA battery (sold separately).

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Time to act fast, guys! From now until July 15th, RealTouch is having a minutes sale on their RealTouch video on demand! Stock up on your VOD minutes now, since you can get twice as many for your money. That’s right – RealTouch has doubled the amount of minutes available on their packages. Whether you’re looking for a quick flesh fuck for 30 minutes or stocking up on your long term balance by getting 200 minutes free, you’ve got to cash in on this deal.

This would also be the perfect time to pick yourself up a RealTouch interactive fake pussy, if you haven’t already. This isn’t your ordinary flesh fucking toy by any stretch of the imagination. This is cyber sex taken to the extreme. Plug in your interactive fake pussy, and you can actually feel the action that’s going on in the porn video in front  of you. Easy to use, and easy to set up, this tool is for those guys who are ready to move beyond their own imagination.

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fleshlight fucking toysReady to add to your flesh fucking experiences with your very own fleshlight? The Liberator Fleshlight “On a Mission” Mount allows you to have a hand-free experience while fucking your Fleshlight missionary style. Rather than a realistic sex doll, the Fleshlight mount is a faux leather item that holds your hand masturbator in place while you assume the position.

The Fleshlight mount stands 9 and a half inches tall and 28 inches long, which can fit perfectly on top of your bed for some Fleshlight fucking fun. The pocket fits a Fleshlight handle perfectly, and we suspect that even other hand masturbators will fit inside this recess. The mount cleans up great with a quick wipe down with soap and water, but should never be submerged.

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