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Fanta Flesh Revive PowderYou’ve paid a lot of money for your fake pussy, fake ass, or fake tits love doll from the Flesh Fucking Shop. And rightly so, as the toys we feature are the top of the line when it comes to sex dolls. Why not do everything you can to keep it in pristine condition for years to come? If you’ve bought a Fanta Flesh toy, then the best option to keep her skin as soft and supple as the day you bought her would be Fanta Flesh Revive Powder.

This cornstarch based powder is specifically manufactured with additional ingredients to get the most out of your Pipedreams Extreme Toyz. The Fanta Flesh powder is designed to be used both on the outer skin of your sex toy, as well as inside any recesses – so inside the fake pussy and fake ass holes of your Fanta Flesh toys. For less than $5, this powder will add years of that “brand new” feeling to your love doll.

Don’t forget – you don’t need to pay the full price for the Fanta Flesh Revive Powder. Using the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS at will get you 10% off your order – no matter how large or small it is!

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Japanese Sex Doll Kanojo ToysSeparate body parts not enough to satisfy your flesh fucking fantasies? Japanese love dolls have come a long way, especially when compared to their blowup doll counterparts. The Real Love Doll Ange from Kanojo Toys is your very own Japanese girlfriend who won’t ever deny you the pleasures of her flesh.

Fucking this Japanese sex doll has never been more realistic. Her fake pussy comes in two possibilities – the “Boing” style is a textures fake vagina that slips in and out of her body for easy cleanup when the fun is done. The “Styler” fake pussy is a whole lot tighter, for that virgin feel. Keeping in line with this Japanese love doll’s fake vagina, she comes with a bare pussy, with a detachable pubic hair piece that you can add on. You can also order an upgrade to the love doll and have her pubic hair integrated into her body.

Love Dolls With Fake VaginaReal Love Doll Ange is a tiny little sex doll, standing around 5’2″ in total height. Her petite frame comes with your choice of two breast sizes – smaller B-cup to match her small body, or larger E-cup for a complete handful of enjoyment. You also get six different choices when it comes to the style of head used. Real Love Doll Ange also comes with a selection of accessories including a hole cover, fingernail kit, underwear set (bra and panties), repair kit and an anniversary ring.

Kanojo Toys ships all over the world, so even men outside of Japan can take advantage of the real Asian sex dolls made by Orient Industries. Real Love Doll Ange will be sent to you in a discreetly packaged box, so your nosey neighbors won’t have any idea what you have ordered. Be sure to treat your investment with care, though. Love dolls like Ange should be moved at least once a month, and never kept in a bent position over a rather long period of time. Treat her like the lady she is, and she will bring you enjoyment for years to come!

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Bend over and spread them wide, Betty, because you’re in for a rough ride! Ever want a girl to want you so bad that she would bend over and spread her pussy and ass cheeks, just waiting for your cock to fuck her wild? The Ready Betty fake ass and pussy realistic sex doll from Pipedreams Extreme does just that!

This fake pussy and ass doll is slightly lighter than the standard Pipedreams Extreme sex dolls, coming in at just over 11lbs. Don’t let that put you off, though. This Fanta Flesh sex doll still has all the qualities a lot of guys are looking for in their realistic sex toys. The molded hands spread apart her flesh colored ass cheeks, exposing her super tight ass hole, ready for you to pop her anal cherry. Just under that are her puffy pink pussy lips with that same smaller hole. Her delicate pink fingers are great to rub your dick against before going to town on her tight little holes.

The Pipedreams Extreme Ready Betty fake pussy and ass also comes with a few accessories so that you can get her fucking right outside the box. You’ll get a small bottle of Fanta Flesh safe Moist lubricant, anti-bacterial toy cleaner for you to get her ready for your next round, and Fanta Flesh Revive Powder to keep her skin as soft and supple as the day you unwrapped her.

Don’t forget – using the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS, you can save 10% off the Ready Betty, or any of the other realistic sex dolls and accessories that we sell at the Flesh Fucking Shop. With fast shipping as well, you can have Betty in your room by the weekend!
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real doll fucking doggy styleThere are times when there’s no need for chatting, foreplay, or anything else to get in the way of you just sticking your dick up her pussy. That’s exactly what Steve has in mind when he’s fucking his RealDoll Stefanie when he bends her over the bed and takes her doggy style. Her real feeling fake pussy gets stretched and sore when he gives her a pounding that her pink plastic flesh will never forget. No need for sweet talk as this sex doll bends over and gets fucked rough.

Fucking a Sex doll doggy style

The best part about this video is the fact that Steve takes advantage fucking Stefanie’s fake ass as soon as he’s had enough of her snatch. No need to clean up, no need to change condoms – just full on enjoyment of his sex doll every way he wants it. But it eventually goes get to the point where Steve has had enough of fucking his Real Doll doggy style, and he flips her over to finish the deal. With her legs spread and her face looking up at him, Steve takes a handfull of her full fake tits and finishes his ride.

Want to watch Steve have a really good time fucking his sex doll doggy style? Head over to for the full version of the sex doll fucking fun!

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