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real doll pornWhen Steve invited Voilet over to watch him fuck his new sex doll Tila, he didn’t know that this FemDomme would give him a lesson in fucking that he wouldn’t soon forget. While Steve is fucking the sex doll’s fake pussy, Violet is there telling him to go harder….faster…more! In’s Pale Red-Head Violet Monroe Hates Watching Steve Fuck His Doll, Violet isn’t satisfied until Steve is balls deep into Tila the sex doll, pumping her harder than you ever would a real woman.

Realdoll porn movies

Steve sets up his new favorite sex doll Tila on his couch, rips off her panties, brings up her dress, and gets himself ready for the kind of fucking you can only do with a life sized sex doll.

”Can’t you fuck her any better than this?” Violet wants Steve to fuck his sex doll in ways that she dreams of being pounded. Is she jealous of the sex doll? Maybe. All we do know is that Steve fucks his sex doll so hard that in the end he pulls out and shoots his load all over her fake tits.

Are you ready to watch some real doll porn? How about throwing a third party into the mix with a FemDomme like Voilet telling you what to do? Catch the videos and more at!

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RealTouch Virtual Sex Machine

Real Touch virtual male masturbatorAre you ready to catch up with the latest virtual sex toy? Rather than using your hand to fuck yourself while watching your favorite webcam girl, the RealTouch interactive sex toy will make you feel like you’re at the other end of her hungry little mouth! The award-winning RealTouch creates a synchronized interactive experience that takes you beyond sight and sound and puts you in the middle of the action. This the first interactive sex device for men – and you’ve got to try it to believe it.

Real Touch Package

Taking the best quality of a fake pussy, the RealTouch adds in interactivity. First, the virtual sex toy connects with your computer. Then you either log into the RealTouch on demand theater, or connect with your favorite web cam star that has her own RealTouch and you can start enjoying the action. Not only is this a fake pussy – it’s a fake pussy that moves and feels at the same time that the hottie on the screen is either getting fucked, or sucking you off. The RealTouch uses a combination of suction, heat and textural stimulation to trick your brain into thinking that you are the lucky guy at the end of this porn star’s mouth.

Check out the RealTouch video below to see how it works and how you can actually feel a porn star giving you a blowjob. This is so much more than virtual sex online – this is the future of fake pussy in the palm of your hand.

Plush Sex DollFor our first venture into plush sex doll, we thought it best to bring you one of the most popular ones out there – the Love Venus R Plush Sex Doll! While this isn’t as realistic as many of the sex dolls featured on Flesh Fucking, it’s still a perfect companion for guys who want something soft and supple in their beds.

The Venus R Plush is a lightweight fuck doll, weighing in at less than four pounds. She’s around 30″ tall in her sitting position, and is fully squeezable – no internal structure other than the stuffing. The shortened legs on this plush fuck doll makes it very easy to dress her up, or you can leave her naked to enjoy her soft plush skin uncovered.

Now, this plush fuck doll is currently available in a few online retailers. For those in the States who don’t want to wait for shipments from Japan, you can pick up the Love Body Venus R Hugging Body Pillow Japanese Sex Doll from Amazon. For those who are willing to wait, but want to spend a bit less money, you can pick up the Love Venus R Love Doll from Kanojo Toys. Whichever you choose, be sure to get the right sized pocket pussy to insert into her fake vagina hole. The space is around 3.3″ by 2″, so not large enough for the handle end of a Fleshlight, but still big enough to insert many style of onahole male masturbators.

plush sex doll

foot masturbatorWe’ve got something for the guy with a foot fetish who is looking for something special! The Fuck Me Silly 3 in the Pipedreams Mega Masturbator series not only has a fake pussy and fake ass that you can fuck, she’s got a pair of feet that can wrap around your cock for a foot job you won’t forget!

The Fuck Me Silly 3 is one of the largest realistic sex toys on the market, at a life-size 43 inches long and 13.5 inches wide. She weighs in at more than 20lbs of Fanta Flesh with a inner core that gives you something to push against while fucking. While this Mega Masturbator is connected at three small points along the legs, with a quick snip of the scissors at home,you can separate the legs. This is great for guys who want to position the fake feet in such a way to give the perfect foot job, or for those who like to dress up their sex dolls in stockings, panties or lingerie for a new experience.

But we know that before you spend your money on an award winning fuck doll like the Fuck Me Silly 3, you want to see it in action! Here’s a quick porn showing the Fuck Me Silly three getting boned up the fake ass and rammed in the fake pussy. He’s fucking the sex doll up the ass and pussy, then getting a foot job with the help of a porn babe who can’t get enough! Enjoy!

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Fleshlight Coupon CodeBefore all the porn star pussies and mouths started making their way into the Fleshlight toys, there was the original – the Lady. The Fleshlight Original Lady is the one that started it all. For some guys, this is the ultimate in fake pussy technology. Encased in a black plastic case that resembles a flashlight, even someone looking at it straight on while the lid is on may not have a clue what actually is inside.

But we know that the need for a Fleshlight coupon code is there. The Fleshlight Lady has a list price of $137.99 – quite a hefty price for a hand held male masturbator.  Even with the lower price offered by out online shop, you’re still paying over $100 for this Fleshlight fake pussy. That’s why we are here to offer you a futher discount on the price of a Fleshlight using the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS. This code isn’t just for Fleshlights – it’s for anything online at Using this discount code for a Fleshlight Original Lady will save you another $10 on your purchase.

So for the guys who have been searching high and low for a Fleshlight coupon code – we’ve for you covered. Use the coupon code FLESHFUCKERS at checkout and save!

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